"We have been using the Patient Guard System in our Acute Care area since December 2012. We have had extremely positive feedback from our staff.

The signs are used in addition to our older "Stop" sign format. The Patient Guard System is much less likely to be missed, as it hangs down into the doorway. For this reason, it is also visible and a reminder for persons exiting the patient room, while the old signage on the wall next to the doorway is not seen.

We also use the system at the entrance to our LTC facility to announce 'outbreaks'.

The Patient Guard signage is highly visible, clearly messaged and very easy to use. The Patient Guard System has become an important part of our infection control program."

Terrance Smith RN, BScN
Clinical Coordinator
Espanola Regional Hospital & Health Centre

"As the Infection Control Practitioner of a Long-Term Care home, I am very thankful and excited about all the new signage within the Patient Guard System. It is very effective in communicating the message of an outbreak, or a room in isolation as the sign's design and layout is eye catching and staff and visitors are quickly noticing and reading the signs rather than bypassing them as 'didn't notice it' or 'thought it was the old sign posted last month.'

The quality of the paper and how it is held in place by a doorway mount is durable and esthetically pleasing compared to papers that are partially torn or placed in vinyl protectors and held in place using scotch tape.

Other advantages of the Patient Guard System is the option of ordering the signs in bulk, and they also match the printable electronic templates Tagg offers for continuity; I find that these are very helpful on the clerical side of being the ICP."

Ernesto Adraneda R.N.
Assistant Director of Care
West Park Long Term Care
Extendicare (Canada) Inc.